Healthy Pregnancy Tips

The pregnancy period is always exciting to the expecting parents but it can also mean a time full of uncertainties and a bit of stress.

Therefore, it requires to take extra care as the mother prepares herself for the birth. This can be done by taking care of hygiene, eating properly and taking supplements provided by the doctor among others. These healthy precautions/habits will ensure that the she gets everything she needs to sustain the extra pressure and the growing fetus and that the baby also obtains all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Some additional tips include:          

Proper rest:While it may be difficult to get a good night’s sleep sometimes, it’s still important to get enough rest. Try to sleep during the day if sleeping at night is impossible. You should also try to avoid doing too much work especially anything that involves heavy lifting or prolonged bending.       

Exercising: This will help your body prepare for the coming birth and most likely make it easier as well.

Regular exercising also helps with weight loss after pregnancy.

It enables you to shed off the baby weight faster thereby regaining your original body shape. However, you should avoid any exercise that causes you to strain. Some of the safe exercises to try are:         

  •  Kegel exercises        This involves squeezing as if to stop urine flow when relieving yourself. It mainly helps with keeping the pelvic area stronger thereby making the birth process easier. You can also try squatting and tilting your pelvis to achieve similar results.            
  • Swimming        This is one of the best exercises during the second and third trimesters since it tends to be more relaxing. The water tends to lift off extra weight thereby reducing pressure on the joints. When doing swimming exercises, you should avoid jumping into the water or using heated swimming pools. In addition, you should also utilize the railings when getting in and out of the water for extra support.          
  • Yoga        Yoga has many benefits with the main one being maintaining calmness and self awareness during the pregnancy period. It also helps with relaxation and flexibility which are both vital during both pregnancy and birth. Joining a prenatal yoga class will ensure that you stay safe as you also keep yourself fit.         

 Eating        Cravings are natural during pregnancy. However, you shouldn’t let them control you especially if they involve unhealthy or processed foods. These will only give you extra calories and bad fats that will most likely make birth difficult. Now, we are all aware that this tends to be hard, but its worth keeping it in mind. Choosing healthier foods will keep both the mother and the baby well-nourished and strong. Below are some of the foods you can try:          

  • Fruits and vegetables        These are great substitutes for unhealthy snacks. When you start craving fatty snacks or feeling hungry between meals, take a fruit like a banana or an apple. These will provide you with important minerals like potassium without those annoying extra fats. Fruits and vegetables will also supply you with fiber that is essential in reducing constipation.          
  • Choose whole foods        Brown rice and oatmeal are some of the examples of whole grain foods you can try. Never skip breakfast. Try to cook healthier options like wheat toast and if not, include cereals which are rich in nutrients like calcium.           
Fitness tips of the day

You may think that you are busy now, but once the baby comes you will even have less time for yourself. Be sure to follow these healthy tips so as to make sure this is your best pregnancy period ever.