Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Nutrition and Healthy EatingWhat is Healthy Eating? What does a healthy snack mean to you?

Find answers to these and other questions about nutrition, healthy eating, recipes, plus the truth about the latest food trends.

Have you ever wonder how many calories should you eat to lose weight? Or what are the foods to avoid for a flat stomach?

Eating healthy does not mean that your food has to be boring or plain, in fact there are many options that you can enjoy whilst also losing weight.

In succinct, eating a healthy diet will provide your body with the right amount of energy and raw materials to “stay healthy”.

Essentially a healthy diet includes lots of vegetables, fibers, some carbs, high protein and a bit of daily fat. Although you don´t want to completely eliminate some tasty foods that you may love, try to cut away any sugars (yes that goes for the chocolates, ice-creams, oreo´s, m&m, etc) or unhealthy treats in order to obtain consistent and rapid results.

Eating right may seem easier on a paper but if you haven´t actually done it for a while, it may be overwhelming and hard to get back on track.

The key trick relies around making sure you are on a calorie deficit (eating less than what your body consumes).

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Nutrition and Healthy Eating